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About 70% of the roads in more than 70 countries in the world need total and gradual repairing, maintenance of roads, as well as constant monitoring of road surface.

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Every day, millions of drivers and their vehicles suffer from the poor state of the road surface. Many of them get into accidents because of the terrible condition of the roads.


Our service provides an opportunity to assess the condition of the road surface and to plan trips in ads with qualitative covering (on high quality roads).

The trip time saving
Saving costs for vehicle repairing
Safety of the drivers, passengers and other road users

How does it work?

You can assess the quality of roads on our website or using the mobile application

Find and choose a part of road you would like to assess
Rate that part of road using 5-point scale
Share your assessment with your friend
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Results and Achievements

The service is available in 8 countries: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan. The most actively project has been developed in Ukraine.

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active users
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Articles in the media


  • Automatic estimation. Implementation of algorithm of automated quality assessment of road conditions via smartphones.
  • POI on the map. Adding place of interests for drivers.
  • +1 country each month. Connecting of other countries, which has need in the resource, to the service: Poland, Belorus, Romania, Moldova and others. Also it is planned to connect countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America


We have experience in the development of complex and large-scale projects, as we are a part of [bvblogic] development team

Yaroslav Olexyn Idea-developer at Navizor Web Development Director at [bvblogic]
Vitaliy Rodimiuk Production manager at Navizor CEO at [bvblogic]
Bohdan Futerko Development manager at Navizor EVP, COO at [bvblogic]
Andriy Khomyn Marketing manager at Navizor
Yuriy Dranchuk Java-developer at Navizor
Svyatoslav Zubyak iOS-developer at Navizor